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We’re covering the top 256 Employers in Florida. Learn how to have your company included in our editorial coverage locally & nationwide.


Our editorial coverage is 100% focused on the absolute best employers allowing career-oriented applicants to devote 100% of their career search to the employers who are worthy of their investment.


Our main goal is to provide career-oriented applicants with the best information about employers because applicants who make educated decisions are obviously more likely to be a long-term fit.

The best applicants are looking to build a career & see it as a long-term investment.  They do extensive research & need quality information. Our goal is to work with top employers in each city, state and industry in order to give applicants as much high quality information as possible!”

~Chris Sparks, Founder & Editor

Employer Editorial Opportunities

We are selecting the Top Employers Nationally and in each City, State & Industry. Each employer selected will have the opportunity to participate in our Full Editorial Calendar. And of course, since it is editorial, it is at absolutely no charge. Here is a small sample of the editorial opportunities we offer. 

Top 1024 Employer Lists

We are profiling the Top 1024 Employers in the United States as well as each city, state & industry. Each company featured on the list(s) will have an editorial employer profile that will also feature any other editorial coverage, branding posts or job listings.

Top 1024 Executive Lists

We are profiling the Top 1024 Executives as well as the top C-Level Officers that work for our Top 1024 Employers. Each executive featured  will have an editorial profile & will be eligible to participate in regular interviews with our editors.

Press Releases

All of the Top 1024 Employers will be able to submit their latest news to our editors for publication in each city, state & industry site. The absolute best will receive national coverage.

Product & Brand Profiles

We are also profiling the top brands & products from the Top 1024 Employers because they are some of the top reasons applicants will choose those companies.

Career Path

Our sites focus on Careers, not jobs. So, tell our editors about the main career paths in your company. Our editors will choose the best to cover in each of our city, state & industry sites.

Employee Success Stories

Provide examples of how you support the careers of your employees by highlighting the great success stories of your employees. We’ll publish the best stories in each city, state & industry.

City, State & Industry

All content chosen for editorial coverage will also considered for coverage on every relevant site in our network. So, you are likely to receive coverage in at least the city, state & industry.


We support diversity & equality. So, we want to publish your diversity programs as well as your success stories on each of our city, state & industry sites as well as DiversityMVP.

Community & Lifestyle

People choose their careers based on places where they would like to live. So, you can participate in our coverage of each city & state with your favorite things about those communities.

Full Editorial Calendar

We have plenty other opportunities throughout the year. And, as one of the Top 1024 companies , you’ll have access to the full editorial calendar & be able to submit your content for each opportunity.

Employer Qualifications

Our goal is to provide applicants with high quality information about the top employers in each city, state & industry in order to help them make an educated career decision. Therefore, we focus on employers who share that vision. Our goal is to only cover 1,024 employers nationally and between 32 & 96 in each major market.

Major Employers

We focus our editorial on major employers & prefer that employers have at least 1,000 employees nationwide & at least 250 to 500 employees in the location where we are covering the employer. However, most employers we cover will have at least 10,000 employees.

Publicly Traded

We focus on publicly traded companies with a market cap greater than $1 billion. We will consider other major companies if they are exceptional & meet our other guidelines.

Major Hospital Systems

We also cover Major Hospital Systems with more than 1,000 employees nationwide & will cover each of the Hospital locations that have at least 250 employees. 

Universities, Colleges & Tech Schools

Besides covering the largest educational institutions as major employers, we also cover their educational programs that work with major employers to train students for specific careers.

Dedicated Media Section

We only cover companies who take press coverage seriously & show it by having a dedicated press section on their official site with frequent press releases & high quality images or videos.

Dedicated Career Section

We only cover employers who believe in providing high quality information to applicants so they can make an educated decision.  This should be available in a dedicated section on their official site.

Online Application

We only cover companies who offer applicants a secure way to apply directly with them online through the employer’s official site. So, utilizing a highly recognized ATS, HCM or Ad Agency is also required.

Ad Agency & PR Firm Clients

We trust our partner agencies to properly screen their clients. So, we will give serious editorial consideration for any clients of our approved ad agencies & PR firms.

Technology Companies

We are highly focused on technology & will consider upcoming technology companies who have already built a respected brand in their industry and are creating large numbers of high-end career opportunities. Note that this coverage will most likely be in a special editorial section clearly marked as higher risk opportunities & will likely include editorial coverage from the companies themselves discussing these risks & returns.  

VC-Backed Companies

Even though they are not large cap publicly traded companies, we will still consider editorial coverage of companies who are backed by major VC firms & creating large numbers of high-end career opportunities.  Note that we believe in full transparency in the recruiting process; So, this coverage will most likely be in a special editorial section clearly marked as higher risk opportunities & will likely include editorial coverage from the companies themselves discussing these risks & returns.

NOTE: These are guidelines we use to determine the companies we cover. However, meeting these guidelines is no guarantee of editorial coverage. Actually, most of the companies we cover greatly exceed these guidelines. And, out of the thousands of requests & tens of thousands of employers in the United States, our goal is to only cover 1,024 employers nationally and between 32 & 96 in each major market. We also cannot respond to each of the thousands of requests. Thank you for your understanding.

Editorial = No Cost

We offer legitimate editorial opportunities which means we do not charge for them. And, there are no advertising requirements to submit editorial or to be on the lists. This is why we narrow our coverage to the absolute best employers nationally and in each city, state & industry. However, we do offer the Top 1024 Employers Optional Upgrades to give their Employer Brand the optimum exposure.

Sponsorship (Optional Upgrade)

Give your employer brand the absolute best exposure above the other top employers be securing sponsorship in each of your top cities, states, categories & industries.

Showrooms (Optional Upgrade)

Our editorial profiles are pretty incredible. But, the companies we cover are absolutely meticulous. So, whatever you want your Employer Showroom to be, we can build it.

Featured Posts (Optional Upgrade)

Place your content on the front pages of each or every city, state & industry, above the thousands of press releases, articles, interviews, product profiles and executive profiles we publish.

Career Listings (Optional Upgrade)

Post your latest careers on our city, state and industry sites through your favorite posting engine or advertising agency. We also offered featured, career showrooms, replaceable & bulk.

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